Polybius The Urban Legend Front Cover┬áPolybius – The Urban Legend, will immerse boys and girls alike in the exciting world of International Espionage. The book includes Augmented Reality (AR) features which bring the book to life with intelligence updates and digital games that can be played on smart phones/ tablets. Spy Quest is more than just a book – it’s an entire immersive adventure game that you can play at hotels and resorts around the world – from America and Mexico to the United Kingdom.

SAM RAYNER ┬ádreams of being a professional gamer, a virtual athlete on a million dollar contract — dreams that are scoffed at by his twin sister, REBECCA. She secretly enjoys playing games, but would never openly admit that to her “geeky” brother — that is until Sam wins an online competition, giving the entire family a free holiday at a luxury hotel. But it’s not just a chance for his family to take a pampered break, it’s a special games tournament and a chance for Sam to chase his dream. Or that’s what he thinks – until he discovers a game has been mysteriously downloaded to his mobile phone. A game called Polybius – a name from the darkest reaches of urban legends…

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