I’m excited! EPICENTER is released today! This is an idea I have had rattling around for a long time. It’s inspired by all those Michael Crichton and Clive Cussler stories I love and marks the first venture into the world of Kindle.

“Self-publishing” has a bad wrap. But it was pointed out to me Kindle is now the 5th or 6th largest publisher in the world. This has been edited and designed to the same standards as my last book with Orion – and I don’t have to battle editors who think, because it’s set in America, it won’t appeal to UK audiences (yes, that is a real concern trad publishing has.)

And when it comes to marketing, well, I have already done more than by last two previous traditional launches. These days publishers expect authors to promote their own work, so that doesn’t feel any different!

You can buy it on Amazon right here: mybook.to/epicenter

This is the first in a whole new – loosely connected – series of action adventure books. I hope you all enjoy them!